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PWRS 1998 Mystery CN rainbow car (SKU 1-H-Mystery1998)

One of the most unusual and eye-catching cylindrical hoppers ever seen. One side of the car is covered with a large graphic that shows exactly what the car carries: the car is in effect a billboard on wheels! The opposite remains in its standard design and color, in this case a gray potash hopper with red lettering. The car was shopped at Montreal's St Charles shops in January 1971. The special paint scheme was part of CN's visual redesign program to make the public more aware of the ever-expanding role of freight transportation in the life of all Canadians and to emphasize the quality and diversity of CN freight service. The ''circus hopper'' has seven rainbow stripes and a printed chemical formula for the bulk commodity chemical it carries. A special 4 bay cylindrical covered hopper set has been commissioned by Pacific Western Rail Systems from Intermountain Railway. This will be the first time these cars have been done in N-scale. These cars will be 100% PROTOTYPE. Quantity is limited so order today.

$49.95 US