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PWRS 1999 Mystery Car UP Bicentennial (SKU 1-H-Mystery1999)

UP 74444 built in May 1974 by Pullman Standard is their 10,000 ''New Family'' 4750 cu ft covered hopper, first introduced in mid-1972. Part of serial number group 73600-74849, it was delivered in a special red, white and blue scheme in anticipation of the forthcoming US Bicentennial. In May 1974 a celebration ceremony was held by both Union Pacific and Pullman Standard at the the Farmer's Union Co-op evevator at Mead, Nebraska as 7444 recieved its first corn load-out. In general grain service it was frequently placed on display at various festive railroad gatherings. In June 1980 it was reconditioned and received a fresh coat of red, white and blue paint once more by the Omaha shops. 7444 is still proudly in service 27? years later!

$49.95 US